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company address No. 57, Ln. 128, Beicheng Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan
phone 886-6-282-4641 fax 886-6-282-4635
E-Mail a2824635@msa.hinet.net website https://www.facebook.com/%E6%83%9F%E6%B7%A8%E7%92%B0%E5%A2%83%E5%B7%A5%E7%A8%8B%E6%9C%89%E9%99%90%E5   
Business Items 1. Sewage and wastewater treatment engineering, design, planning, construction
2. Environmental protection engineering visa and submission for review business
3. Sewage sewer system engineering
4. Building sewage treatment engineering
5. Community, factory sewage, wastewater treatment equipment, engineering
6. Oil-water separation, Grease trap
7. Rainwater, reclaimed water recovery and treatment equipment, engineering
8. Raft-based sewage and wastewater treatment engineering
Cheng Yuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Chengyuan Brand®) (registered trademark) is a professional water treatment system planning and design engineering company. It has been engaged in environmental protection projects for more than 40 years. Its business scope includes sewage treatment engineering and septic tank technology. Vigorously promote the products of squat-type septic tank, accumulate many years of professional experience and test many times, continuously research and improve the quality, and develop products with excellent performance by referring to the local environment. They are well received by the construction industry, construction industry and public institutions. It is widely used and has contributed a lot to improving the environment, from planning and design, construction, supervision to maintenance after the completion of the project, and replacement of consumables, a consistent turnkey service. The people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing day by day, and the government is paying more and more attention to environmental protection policies. The company's products are used in public, private, and large-scale scientific and technological factories throughout the country. Its superior functions have won praise and praise from all walks of life. The company has accumulated many years of experience, developed FRP packaged sewage treatment facilities, created raft-based septic tanks and sewage treatment equipment, and used the raft foundation design of the valuable space of urban buildings to solve the limited space and environmental protection.
11F.-2, No.345, Zhonghe Rd., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23447,Taiwan Tel: 02-2921-6626 Fax: 02-2921-6639
E-mail: tema@tema.org.tw http://www.tema.org.tw
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