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  • Introduction

In line with the international environmental trend and in response to the stringent domestic regulation, the demand for environmental equipment has been uprising all the time in Taiwan. Recognizing the need for ensuring the quality of the manufactured environmental equipment, maintaining the professional integrity of the industrial sector and also strengthening the strategic alliance among members of interest, manufacturers in Taiwan got together and formed a consolidated “Taiwan Pollution Control Equipment and Material Industry Association” on 05 March 1988.

For simplicity, the Association was re-named as “Taiwan Pollution Control Equipment Industry Association” in May of 1996.  Furthermore, to encompass a broader definition of environmental industry and to include pre-treatment and recycling practitioners, the association adopted its current name “Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association(TEMA)” in March of 1999.

Ever since its inauguration, under the able leadership of the past and present Board of Directors and Supervisors and with the support of the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as all association members, TEMA has continuously been growing in both its registered membership and the competent services that it provides. Members are capable of design and manufacturing of the equipment and accessories in the fields to water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, waste treatment and management, noise abatement, energy conservation, waste recycling, etc.

The equipment and products manufactured by the association members are guaranteed for quality and most of them are certified under the ISO 9000 or Domestic Environmental Equipment Quality Certification systems.

The Government of Taiwan designates the environmental industry as one of the ten emerging industries. TEMA members are ready to serve and supply the environmental market not only in Taiwan but also in the Asia-Pacific region.

Further, to enhance the complimentary collaboration among its members and renowned international environmental companies, TEMA is delighted to serve as a bridge to facilitate the cooperative activities and acts as a window for interested specialist companies to enter into the environmental market in Taiwan.

  • Organization
  • Service
  1. To set up a communicating channel for solving any problems between Government and the members.
  2. To attend any conferences and meetings relating to the pubic policy of environment for expressing the members’ opinions to Authority to obtain any benefit.
  3. To co-operate with the International Trade Offices to follow up the  works for members:
    1. To play a part in selected international exhibition for products.
    2. To make an alliance with the international famous association to assist the members to interflow with the developed technology in the world.
    3. To help the members to make the productions of environmental equipments localized via the cooperation with the famous companies in the world.
  4. To hold a regular seminar or professional training course by inviting the specialists in the environmental field for promoting the ability of members in research.
  5. To assist the members to approve the certificating of "Certificate for Qualify Control of Environmental Equipments Manufactured in Taiwan", which will be supervised under IDB, and enhance the competition of products in the world.
  6. To help members to import some components and material to be free of tax to save any cost.
  7. To publish the publications of Association’s regularly with E-mail or facsimile new revised regulations, bidding information and updated technical documents, for member's advantages.
  8. To compile the member's introduction list of their products and publish the lists in Chinese and English version for creating more opportunity in businesses in the world.

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E-mail: tema@tema.org.tw http://www.tema.org.tw
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